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Nose Hill

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Distance: ~16km
Elevation: 500ft
Map Link: http://www.mapmyrun.com/run/canada/calgary/593575169

I really enjoy running in Nose Hill Park in Calgary. Coming from Ontario I didn’t immediately appreciate the treeless beauty of a natural grassland park, but after running all around the park for over a year I’ve come to enjoy it’s more subtle beauty. One of the less than subtle perks to running on Nose Hill is the view of the mountains, especially in the early morning. The below pictures just don’t do it justice.

I approach Nose Hill from the pedestrian overpass off of Brisebois/John Laurie. After crossing the overpass I forego the paved path and hit a small path that takes me to the steepest part of the western sloped hills. From there I proceed to become completely out of breath running up the first significant hill.

Following the big west hill I head east along the flat top plateau of Nose Hill and eventually head north before the hill goes down to the east. I follow the east ridge north, hitting a few more hills before eventually hitting the large hill on the hydro cut just past the paved path. From there I loop back around various ways to the pedestrian path at Brisebois. If you enjoy hills this is a route for you.

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