Cdn Trail Records (FKTs)

There are many amazing Canadian running feats out there and few that have been well documented. The intent of this page is to document as many Canadian trail running records as possible. These records are now also called “fastest known times (FKT)”. To set some guidelines for verification, runners should submit gps/gpx files or a third party confirmation to ratify the FKT.  Documentation gives the runner and the site credibility.  Know of a great Canadian trail record/FKT? Send an email to

Updated: August 14, 2015

Western Canada Trail Records

Juan De Fuca Marine Trail (Vancouver Island)
Record holder: Matt Cecill
Date: July 5, 2014
Distance: 47km
Time: 5 hrs 14 mins 27 secs
Link: Garmin Connect

West Coast Trail  (Vancouver Island); Male Record
Record holder: Matt Cecill
Date: July 19, 2014
Distance: 80.03km
Time: 9 hrs 32 mins 32 secs
Link: Strava

West Coast Trail (Vancouver Island); Female Record
Record holder: Jennie Sprigings
Date: August 10,  2015
Distance: 80.03km
Time: 15 hrs 02 mins 03 secs


West Coast Double  (West Coast Trail & Juan de Fuca) with 8km road connector (Vancouver Island); Male Record
Record holder: Gary Robbins
Date: August 6-7, 2007
Distance: 130km
Time: 23 hrs 40 mins

West Coast Double  (West Coast Trail & Juan de Fuca) with 8km road connector (Vancouver Island); Female Record
Record holder: Paige Morrow
Date: August 5-6, 2015
Distance: 130km
Time: 41 hrs 14 mins, 8secs
Link: Garmin

North Coast Trail (North Vancouver Island)
Record holders: Bob Wall, Jeff Hunt
Date: May 10, 2008
Distance: 61km
Time: 11 hrs

Sunshine Coast Trail (Powell River)
Record holder: Nicola Gildersleeve
Date: September 2014
Distance: 180km
Time: 33 hrs 50 mins
Link: Club Fat Ass

Nootka Island (Nootka Sound, BC)
Record holders: Bob Wall, Jeff Hunt
Date: August 8, 2009
Distance: 40km
Time: 5 hrs 40 mins

Rockwall Traverse (Kootenay National Park)
Record holder: Adam Campbell
Date: August 4, 2014
Distance: 55.5km
Time: 6 hrs 03 mins

Link: Strava

Mount Benson (from Witchcraft Lake) (Nanaimo BC)
Record Holder: Jeremy Clegg
Date: January 30, 2015
Distance: 3km
Time: 30 mins 8 secs
Link: Strava

Canmore Quad (Canmore, Alberta)
Record Holder: Adam Campbell
Date: June 8, 2014
Distance: 53km
Time: 8 hrs 26 mins
Link: Strava

Skyline Trail South to North (Jasper, Alberta)
Record Holder: Jeremy Clegg
Date: August 12, 2013
Distance: 45km
Time: 4 hrs 10 mins 12 secs
Link: Strava

Eastern Canada Trail Records

Bruce Trail End-to-End Solo (Niagara Escarpment)
Record holder: Jim Willett
Date: September 2014
Distance: 885km
Time: 10 days 13 hrs 57 mins
Link: iRun

Bruce Trail End-to-End Relay (Niagara Escarpment)
Record holders: Blaze Race (2 x 10 person teams)
Date: 2009
Distance: 894km
Time: 3 days 23 hours and 10 minutes

Bruce Trail  Toronto Section (Niagara Escarpment)
Record holder: Tim Collins
Date: August 8-9, 2015
Distance: 50km
Time: 5 hrs 22 mins
Link: Strava

Frontenac Provincial Park Perimeter (Ontario)
Record holders: Keith Iskiw, Derrick Spafford, John McAlister
Date: November 17, 2011
Distance: 51km
Time: 5 hrs 53 mins 50 secs
Link: Health and Adventure

Avon Trail (Ontario – St. Mary’s to Conestogo)
Record Holders: Ryne Melcher, Clark Zealand, Monica Scholz
Date: 2004
Distance: 125km
Time: 14 hrs 36 mins 15 secs
Link: Avon Trail

Thames Valley Trail (Ontario)
Record holders: Rhonda-Marie Avery, Lizzy Hughes, Catherine Kelly, Robin Brunet
Date: November 7, 2015
Distance: 112.5km
Time: 26 hrs 40 mins 14 secs

Link: Thames Valley Trail

East Coast Trail (Newfoundland)
Record holder: Caroline McIlroy
Date: June 27-28, 2015
Distance: 215km
Time: 34 hrs 40 mins

Link: CBC

Long Range Travers and Northern Rim Double (Newfoundland)
Record holder: Steve Wheeler
Date: June 27-28, 2015
Distance: 62km
Time: 12 hrs 47 mins

Link: Wild Newfoundland

Cape Chignecto Park (Nova Scotia)
Record holder: Jodi Isenor
Date: October 17, 2015
Distance: 46.3km
Time: 5 hrs 33 mins 43 secs

Link: Cape Chignecto




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