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TransRockies 2008 - Day 6

TransRockies 2008 – Day 6

Written by: Leslie Gerein Stage 6: Vail to Beaver Creek21.2 miles/4,623 feet climbing “It Ain’t Over Until It’s Over!” On the last morning at the start line, hugs abound in Vail. There is no longer any sense of that nervous energy that we experienced on Day 1. It has been replaced with camaraderie, satisfaction, a […]

TransRockies 2008 - Day 5

TransRockies 2008 – Day 5

Written by: Leslie Gerein Stage 5: Red Cliff to Vail, CO 23.4 miles/4,407 feet climbing “Busting it Out” After an enjoyable, satisfying, sweet, pleasurable, contented, revitalizing, deep and sound nights sleep in my cushy bed, fueled by egg burritos and coffee, I am feeling guilt-free and good to go!!! Having run a variation of today’s […]

TransRockies 2008 - Day 4

TransRockies 2008 – Day 4

Written by: Leslie Gerein Stage 4: Camp Hale to Red Cliff 14.2 miles/3,009 feet climbing “Huh? Is that the 3rd place team in front of us?!?” On day 4, we awoke to a wee bit of frost on the tent. Again, my coping strategy was to hit the coffee first and then everything else would […]

TransRockies 2008 - Day 3

TransRockies 2008 – Day 3

Written by: Leslie Gerein – excerpts from her blog: Stage 3: Leadville to Camp Hale24.3 miles/2,930 ft. climbing “Excuse Me Officer, Can I Give You a Hug?” Finally, some distance! I didn’t quite know what to do with 12.9 miles and 10 miles of the previous 2 days, so I am relieved to back […]

TransRockies 2008 - Day 2

TransRockies 2008 – Day 2

Written by: Leslie Gerein Stage 2: Vicksburg to Twin Lakes, CO 10 miles/3,098 feet climbing “Riding the Crazy Train on Hope Pass” After a bumpy ride into the bush, we are dropped off in what feels like the middle of nowhere. I scam the front seat in the bus as I tend to be a […]

TransRockies 2008 - Day 1

TransRockies 2008 – Day 1

Written by: Leslie Gerein – Banff, AB Stage 1: Buena Vista to Vicksburg 12.9 miles/1103 feet climbing “Let’s Get This Show on the Road!” We were pretty stoked to wake up to blue sky, clear skies and perfect weather. The day started with a breakfast for everyone and then a stroll over to the main […]

TransRockies 2008 – Pre-race

Written by: Leslie Gerein – Banff, AB I don’t think I have ever been to an event quite like the TransRockies Run. It really is like going to running camp with the one-of-a-kind blend of running and camping for 6 days. While the race itself is tough and challenging, it is also very achievable for […]


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