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dscn0294Trail Running Canada is dedicated to promoting Canadian trail running. Trail Running Canada and www.trailrunner.ca is produced by a collaboration of trail runners and event organizers from across Canada. It was started in 2008 and has seen growing popularity ever since.  Trailrunner.ca and our sister digital magazine Trail Running Canada, our Facebook and, Twitter pages are becoming the prominent web source for Canadian trail running news, stories, maps and events. Contributors to Trail Running Canada are from across the country and cover all running abilities. A special focus of Trail Running Canada is telling the amazing stories of Canada’s trail runners. If you have a story to tell send us an email to run@trailrunner.ca, we would love to hear from you.




Chief Administrator: Jonathan Schmidt

Jonathan-CouleeCactus_0753Trail Running Canada was started by Jonathan Schmidt in 2008. After surviving the 2007 TransRockies Run, Jonathan decided there was a need for more resources on trail running in Canada. After all, Canada has some of the best places in the world to go trail running. Since his immersion into trail running at TransRockies, Jonathan has finished numerous trail races in Alberta and British Columbia, including Powderface42, Lost Soul Ultra 50k, Heiko’s Half and Coulee Cactus. Jonathan is a two-time runner up at the Lost Soul 50k, three-time winner of Coulee Cactus and top 5 finisher at Powderface42. You can contact Jonathan at jon@trailrunner.ca.

 Trail Running Canada Editor: Gary Robbins

A serious ultra runner since 2006, Gary has accolades to his name too long to list here and wasrecently featured on Ginger Runner’s youtube channel for the Washington state Wonderland Trail FKT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC-sDYhBT8o&index=8&list=PLF3GWOzYkVR3HVr9dlKBjKp-hlU7ZeayJ. Although a gifted runner Gary has given back to the trail community and helped not only with Trail Running Canada and trailrunner.ca but also with the organization of various trail races in lower mainland British Columbia.  Like his wife (below) when not, running or spending time with his family, Gary manages to edit our sister magazine- Trail Running Canada.  You can reach him at: gary@trailrunner.ca or, read more of his stores at: http://garyrobbins.blogspot.ca/.





Website Editor and Gear Reviewer: Kelly Anne Wald

Kelly Anne maintains  the quality of its reporting and reviews for Trailrunner.ca. As well as being a former The North Face Trail Ambassador (2013) she now is heavily involved in the development the this program. Immersed in the community of trail runners Kelly Anne has competed in various distances across the continent.  You may keep up with her trail exploits at kellyannewald.wordpress.com.


Trail Running Canada Online Editor: Linda Barton-Robbins

Like many runners, Linda’s beginning started as a spur-of-the-moment entry to the Portland Marathon.  From there she continued to devour the miles and  soon, equipped with the knowledge she gained the more miles she ran, she became a mainstay of the North American Ultra community (http://www.irunfar.com/2015/03/werunfar-profile-linda-barton-robbins.html).  When not running, reading, or spending time with her family, Linda manages to provide her knowledge and expertise as editor of Trail Running Canada online.  You can reach her at linda@trailrunner.ca or see her blog at: http://lindabear78.blogspot.ca/.




Site Administrator: Nick Jendzjowsky

Long time cyclist turned trail runner, Nick has started to immerse himself in the trail running community.  Although new to the sport, he has immersed himself in the sport and is becoming part of the trail community.  He heads to the mountains west of Calgary as much as he can.  You can reach him on twitter: @jendo_1982 or instagram: jendo82 and read his exploites at: https://perogypower.wordpress.com/




Contributor: Keith Iskiw

ambassadors-thumbs-iskiwKeith is a frequent contributor to Trail Running Canada both on the website and in our digital magazine. On the website Keith is the chief writer for the weekly (or sometimes bi-weekly) Trail Roundup, a news feature highlighting recent events and race results about Canadian trail runners or trail races in Canada.Keith Iskiw is an elite trail and ultra runner based in Kingston, Ontario. He was the 2012 The North Face / Trail Running Canada Ambassador for Ontario and has finished dozens of ultramarathons and trail races. Keith is a two-time winner of the Haliburton Forest 50 miler. He writes for Snowshoe Magazine and Trail Running Canada.

You can contact Keith at keith@trailrunner.ca or visit his blog at: http://keithiskiw.wordpress.com/



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